Am humbled to be writing today my first blog ever and definitely on a topic I know nobody can resist. FOOD. Lets connect,read and learn about different facts and also fictions on food.IMG_20180927_095150

Nate checking on Marinated beef before grilling.

If you are eager to know the essentials of cooking simple and really sweet food , then Nate Food blog is a must stop. I am this young and passionate soul who likes trying new recipes and tasting new food that exploits the taste buds…. ulalaaaaaaaaa! Trust me you are in for a treat..,, Grab your hot or cold drink, I prefer cold and lets build a reading rapport and expect pure originality that for sure will be pleasant to your eyes..

So I have recently discovered that there is a very big following of people, including you and I, really appreciate authentic food and they show the love by just taking pictures of the food just to share with friends across all social media platforms. Personally resisting the urge of taking a picture of my food no matter good or bad looking trust me i will just want to save that particular moment with a Snap.

Ill be doing reviews of eating joints that are really not known but are extraordinarily good and ill be rating them and also will be having video reviews on you tube. I hope that ill be as entertaining as the sweetest food you have ever tasted.


Its a Pilau Sunday( Spiced Rice)

3Pilau is a Swahili Delicacy which in simple terms we can say this is spiced rice either mixed with meat or not. Pilau is a household delicacy in my mothers kitchen as its said that she is the best pilau cook many people reckon with. All I can say is that my mothers pilau is the best cooked pilau but also made with Love.Apparently from watching her prepare I picked one or two tips and I can proudly say that I am trying and the few people who have tasted pilau i have made can attest to that.. All my siblings make dope Pilau but the one is my elder sister she makes very simple but sweet pilau using minced meat….Not forgetting Pilau goes well with Kachumbari( salad made from tomatoes,onions and some coriander  sprinkled with some vinegar). I hope your eyes enjoy what they see!! Nate Gone Rogue On Food…… Till next Blog…